Friday, 7 December 2007

all i want for christmas is that... and that, ooh and maybe one of those?

can't be too long, cos i need to go to the post office before it shuts - a lot of you must be getting pixel jewellery for christmas this year cos etsy has gone crazy this week! uploaded a pile of new stuff including the heart meter pin, one of which sold within mere minutes of going online(!); two sizes of pacman bracelets (if you want ms pacman, ask, but you may have to wait an extra day or so); the new translucent heart container necklace and a pacman ghost regiment pin. for some strange reason a lot of the pictures i took last weekend on my sister's camera (mine is broke :( ) look fine on my screen but come out really washed out on etsy. so don't be fooled, they are really bright in real life :) lots more to come this week!

amongst the packing fest, i finally read scott pilgrim 4 and it is ace. everyone should put it on their christmas lists - i'll see if i can put up a link to the review i wrote for DM around the time vol. 3 came out. christmas really did come early like i thought it would, cos not only is my discbox arriving this week, but i just got radiohead tickets woo! :D

and finally, i want a christmas tree like this one. spain must looove retro videogames, that's where my latest parcel is heading off to! the fair write-up, photos and competition winners will be up soon, promise :)

p.s. this is a really quick and easy and fun way to make really pretty and classy looking snowflake decorations if you are looking for something to pass the friday afternoon time away :)

also, -> there is my new rss feed showing all new items i put up on etsy - the address is if anyone's interested.

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