Monday, 3 December 2007

happy advent everybody!

and to celebrate it, we have some new items in the etsy shop, two mario stars and a metroid screw attack to hang on your christmas tree! lots of new items on the way including keyrings, brooch/pins, and my new zine, also entitled omegazoid, so keep an eye open here, on the flickr and on my etsy shop :)

the manchester craft mafia fair was on at urbis yesterday, which was fun, sold some stuff and got to chat to lots of lovely people! i ran a competition on my stall, for the person who made the best pixelblocks creation to win a shiny nintendo belt buckle. photos of all the entries, along with the announcement of the winner, should be up later this week! incidentally, at that pixelblocks link you can see the stop motion pacman animation i made with my set which were not actually bought from firebox at all but rather from the famous FAO Schwarz toy shop in new york :)

last of all i just had to link to this diesel sweeties strip, since it pretty much describes me and my affinity for tetris. after the craziness of craft fairing, arranging falling blocks is actually quite relaxing!

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SallyF said...

hello missis, didn't get chance to ask how it went before leaving on Sat, hope you enjoyed it and we didn't put you off craft markets for life! your stuff is soooo lovely, I really like your new little zines thingummys. Hope to see you soon. Sally x