Saturday, 29 September 2007

boy-appropriate jewellery

i made some badge type things today, with scary industrial strength superglue! i figure it's a little silly to make videogame-inspired stuff that isn't really suitable for the vast majority of videogame fans (being male, that is) so i'm trying to branch out into pins and maybe keyrings, and any other suggestions guys?

lakitu's existential cloud was the first one of them, originally created for the uk etsy seller's monthly challenge - see the other entries here. i've just listed him on etsy here if anyone has a good home going spare ;)

the bag in the picture by the way is from bags of flavour, a manchester label available from their own shop in affleck's palace, and wood on oldham st. it's actually my sister's but i like pacman more than her, and she has a new iMac of which i am very jealous and thus i get to keep the bag ;) we have had lots of fun playing with photobooth on it tonight (you might see some pictures on my facebook later if you're lucky).

lots more pictures of new stuff on my flickr so go have a look, all comments appreciated!

Friday, 28 September 2007

back to your regularly scheduled programming

organisation!, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

helloo, am back from careforce con, which was ace *waves to new careforce friends*

as you can see, i went to hobbycraft last night and did a bit of shopping - some shiny new boxes into which i have spent most of the day sorting all my shiny new hama bead colours. got a request for a special variant legend of zelda: ocarina of time heart necklace whilst i was away so have been testing out my new translucent colours too. i think the translucence, like with my pixelblocks, makes them look more pixelly - since the pixels on your screen are primarily made up of light anyway. we'll see though :)

in other news, i've been accepted for a stall on the manchester craft mafia market days at urbis, i'm doing mine on december 1st, but they have one on in november as well, and there promises to be craft workshops and all sort of cool stalls there, so that'll be fun! my first market - i'm a bit nervous!

and now for something completely different: sega have announced that samba di amigo is coming to wii! woo! i am stupidly excited about this :D

Monday, 24 September 2007

look what i made today!

pile o stuff, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

i've had a very productive sunday if i do say so myself :)

lots of new things made for etsy, you can see a pacman bracelet, a *new* version of the tetris bracelet, the jewel collection (the sprites are actually taken from a NES game - anyone want to hazard a guess at which?), mushroom necklaces, and spooky ghosts. although i have to confess the pictures aren't great, which is why i haven't listed any in my etsy shop yet - need to wait til my sister comes home so i can borrow her camera and use her as a model :) but my shiny new camera phone will have to do for the moment - you can see more pics over on my flickr.

in other news, i went to see jack peƱate tonight (again) which was lots of fun as always! video nasties opened, but i didn't see much of them as my friend matt decided to come with me at the very last minute and we were stood outside trying to get a ticket for ages. (he got one off a lovely person who had a spare in the end, and didn't have to pay extortionate tout prices, yay!) wild beasts supported, like they did last time (june) when jack played upstairs (in the academy3/hop & grape - moved up to the academy 2/MDH this time, probably cos he's getting all famous and on daytime radio1 and all)

i'm going away tomorrow afternoon for a conference, so no more posts til at least after thursday when i get back, but i hope everyone has a lovely week :)

Friday, 21 September 2007

first post!

i can get round to pimping my own stuff later, but first let me tell you about etsy. it's ace. lots of cool crafty, arty types who like to make things with their own two hands rather than buy the stuff that everyone else already has off the high street. and if you click on the picture above, or this link you can go straight to a personally curated selection of the geekier end of the cornucopia etsy has to offer. seriously, pretty much anything you could ever think of is on there, but if it's to do with comics, videogames, pixels, science, maps (i have a lot of random obsessions) you know i'm there!

so take a leap, have a look around, cos i can guarantee that's where all your christmas presents are coming from this year ;)