Monday, 24 September 2007

look what i made today!

pile o stuff, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

i've had a very productive sunday if i do say so myself :)

lots of new things made for etsy, you can see a pacman bracelet, a *new* version of the tetris bracelet, the jewel collection (the sprites are actually taken from a NES game - anyone want to hazard a guess at which?), mushroom necklaces, and spooky ghosts. although i have to confess the pictures aren't great, which is why i haven't listed any in my etsy shop yet - need to wait til my sister comes home so i can borrow her camera and use her as a model :) but my shiny new camera phone will have to do for the moment - you can see more pics over on my flickr.

in other news, i went to see jack peƱate tonight (again) which was lots of fun as always! video nasties opened, but i didn't see much of them as my friend matt decided to come with me at the very last minute and we were stood outside trying to get a ticket for ages. (he got one off a lovely person who had a spare in the end, and didn't have to pay extortionate tout prices, yay!) wild beasts supported, like they did last time (june) when jack played upstairs (in the academy3/hop & grape - moved up to the academy 2/MDH this time, probably cos he's getting all famous and on daytime radio1 and all)

i'm going away tomorrow afternoon for a conference, so no more posts til at least after thursday when i get back, but i hope everyone has a lovely week :)

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djchallis said...

those sprite jewelry things are so cool!
count me a regular reader here! :)