Saturday, 29 September 2007

boy-appropriate jewellery

i made some badge type things today, with scary industrial strength superglue! i figure it's a little silly to make videogame-inspired stuff that isn't really suitable for the vast majority of videogame fans (being male, that is) so i'm trying to branch out into pins and maybe keyrings, and any other suggestions guys?

lakitu's existential cloud was the first one of them, originally created for the uk etsy seller's monthly challenge - see the other entries here. i've just listed him on etsy here if anyone has a good home going spare ;)

the bag in the picture by the way is from bags of flavour, a manchester label available from their own shop in affleck's palace, and wood on oldham st. it's actually my sister's but i like pacman more than her, and she has a new iMac of which i am very jealous and thus i get to keep the bag ;) we have had lots of fun playing with photobooth on it tonight (you might see some pictures on my facebook later if you're lucky).

lots more pictures of new stuff on my flickr so go have a look, all comments appreciated!

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