Monday, 1 October 2007

it's like christmas came early

ghosties, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

the above is my entry for the uk etsy challenge o' the month, october's theme being halloween. boo (the big ghost pin, from super mario) sold within mere hours of being listed! yay :) the other will be going up soon.

anyway, that's not what i came to explode about - two of the most exciting things of the entire year have been announced today!

scott pilgrim 4 is finished! if you don't know what i'm on about check out or read my article about it in Disposable Media issue 4. i love scott pilgrim. i met bryan lee o'malley 2 years ago at Page 45 in nottingham and i think he is probably my favourite comic writer artist dude. scott pilgrim has everything you would ever want in a comic, including videogame references ahoy, obscure indie music culture, gorgeous art and textures and lots of canadian snow. i almost can't wait except that....

radiohead have just announced their new album is being released next week! aside from the awesomeness of the distribution model, and the fact that i was alerted to this news by one of my favourite webcomics, talk about instant gratification! it was only last week that zane lowe was saying he wasn't gonna talk about them working on it, for fear of pressurising them, and now, not only have they announced that it's finished, and is being released, but you can download it *from next week*. also, it seems you can pretty much choose how much you think the download is worth. which makes sense really, cos anyone who wants it for free, is gonna get it for free anyway, and the band know that, but also, most radiohead fans (like me) love the band so much that even if it *is* legally available for free, we will happily pay up to £40 for the privilege of owning the 'discbox' set of gorgeously packaged vinyl and enhanced cd.

*sigh* it's a happy day in rachel land :)

back to on-topic stuff tomorrow ;)

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