Wednesday, 10 October 2007


white light, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

i went to see oceansize tonight :) they were amazing (as usual). i don't think i have smiled, or rocked out, so hard in a *long* time. i like this picture because the light overwhelms you just like the music does when you see them live.

anyway, on my way home, i stopped off at moonlight to get some ice cream (damn you, rob, for introducing me to that place) and then i got the bus home. on said bus, i managed to achieve my best ever tetris high score! 199 lines! \o/ *one* away from the elusive level 20 just as we were pulling into parrs wood. but at that point the pieces weren't getting to the sides even on full whack, so i had no chance. i love tetris (but only the original gameboy classic cartridge version, none of these 'new improved' efforts).

so yes, a pretty good night :D

p.s. went to see control last night, very good but very sad.

p.p.s radiohead day tomorrow!!!

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