Sunday, 7 October 2007

graffiti and riots in manchester

mushroom graffiti, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

took this pic on the way to the night & day in manchester, to see stars last wednesday - nice to know someone out there shares the nintendo love :)

stars were excellent (see some pics on my flickr) so much so that i bought their latest album afterwards and upon reading the liner notes, saw that they knew a chap called daniel handler who had written an introduction for them, and played accordion. daniel handler, being lemony snicket's real name. so of course, i *had* to find out if this was really real, and by this time, most of the people had left the gig and some of the band were putting away their instruments, so we went up and asked the bass player, who was lovely, and got chatting to the drummer too, and it turns out that stars, (one of my new favourite bands) know lemony snicket (one of my already favourite authors)! how cool is that?

following the gig theme, went to see maximo park with leah last night, (again, see some pics on my flickr) who were very very good, but not as good as last time i saw them, and not as good as stars either, but both those are very high standards to live up to, especially in a larger venue like the apollo. blood red shoes supported first, and were better than good shoes who supported second. not quite sure why there was a shoes theme going on but paul smith did have some rather shiny red ones on.

anyway, what else? well my bluetooth is fixed, woo! but i haven't been making much else other than my uketsy secret swap item, which has involved a lot of very slow knitting. tis all finished now but i can't put it up until my swappee has received it (so after the postal strikes then). the white ghost earrings have sold to a lovely lady in spain, so out of all the halloween stuff there's only the necklace left! have put some different ghost earrings up as well, and might put another badge up in a minute...

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SallyF said...

ooh you cheeky monkey, I'll look out for it next time in town. sal x