Sunday, 16 December 2007

something for the (last day of the) weekend

blooper squid necklace, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

i *knew* i'd forgotten to post something yesterday...

i just added a load of stuff to my etsy shop including a blooper (squid) necklace from super mario, translucent mario invincibility star necklace and pacman chomp bracelet. star and metroid christmas decorations are also still available, not many posting days left!

and since i have just been looking at my google stats (welcome all my new american and canadian readers!) that tell me that you lot love the videogame papercraft, here are some handy links for you.

phoenix wright papercraft characters

printable thwomp (from mario galaxy)

and finally, saving me a lot of work - hawty mcbloggy's papercraft round up including portal, halo, silent hill, final fantasy, pokemon, tetris (i *love* this one), tomb raider and sonic.

bsangel (ms hawty mcbloggy herself) is also an etsyer and has some awesome stuff including this highly appropriate xbox 360 condolence card and these envelopes which i love mostly because they seem to be made out of old issues of edge (glad to see i'm not the only one appreciating it for its design just as much as (or in some cases more than) its content ;) ) *

the other thing my google stats picked up this week was this: "why is my wii lighting up when it is off" which sadly seems to stump even the mighty google. i think you'll find it'll be something to do with wiiconnect24, mystery searcher. check your wii settings and tell it not to illuminate the slot every time you have a message. unless you want it to. how's that for public service? :)

*whoops no link, they seem to have sold, have an incredibly sweet player 2 card instead (sigh, /me thinks of valentine's day...)

ps** oh dear, i am a doofus - the envelopes are actually by another seller called betty death who is also awesome and makes amazing cuffs.


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