Monday, 26 October 2009

getting back into (etsy) business

work in progress, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

attempting to revive this whole thing in case anyone wants to buy stuff for christmas ;) and also because i've had tons of ideas for ages that i've not really had time to do anything about for the past couple of months. (can you guess the games i have in mind?!)

the ibook is still on the critical list, so not got huge amounts of processing power/time to blog, but if you get bored, feel free to follow my twitter for ramblings of a mostly etsy-unrelated nature, but lots of opinionated music, sci fi and games stuff :)

hopefully will be back full of inspiration and new listings after a week full of playing games (and maybe a little shopping...) at game city!


Mike said...

Is that the Duck from SMS Safari Hunt? Thats some major Retro Geek Chic there!

spugmeistress said...

not *quite* that obscure, just regular old duck hunt for NES :) not even heard of safari hunt (was never a sega girl), really want to find sprites for it now!