Sunday, 10 May 2009

i has a posse in moscow! (and other public service announcements)

heart meter pin, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

hey everyone - am aware i haven't blogged in a while (or updated my flickr - this photo isn't even of what the heart meter pin looks like now!). unfortunately my ibook has died so i can't do a whole lot of internet stuff at home atm, typing this (very slowly, forgive the horrendous grammar...) from my wii currently (thank the lord for the opera browser, even if it is a bit pants!). all donations to the 'let's buy rach a new laptop' fund gratefully accepted ;) especially in the form of buying stuff from the shops or particularly custom orders - if you've been thinking of getting something personalised or asking for something special for a while then now's the time to do it! i certainly have plenty of time on my hands atm so to take advantage of that i'm offering special discounts on all custom orders - just convo me or use the alchemy button on etsy or send me a message on folksy :)
*** notice: due to the wonderful wii browser, i'm able to check both sites and fill orders as fast as ever, but be aware that if you send me a message/email and don't hear back quite so soon, it's just cos i'm waiting for a spare lunchbreak at work to reply on a computer where i can type faster than 8 words per minute ;) ***

so what've i been up to in the meantime? well, making new stuff (which i hope to be able to blog/flickr/upload to shops asap), getting back into exploring the awesome possibilities of cross stitch (don't worry, i won't be putting the hama beads away any time soon), and knitting something very special :)
thanks to everyone who has kept on buying though despite quietness. special props to my new russian fans (i am forever debted to your country (and alexey pajitnov) for giving the world the gift of tetris*), to my repeat buyers who just keep coming back for more (hi kim n holly!) and to the influx of orders from folksy.
hopefully i can return you all to your regularly scheduled OMEGAZOID soon :)

*new hi score! 205 lines, 350631 pts \o/ any tips for gba screenshots?


David Storey said...

You should be able to plug a USB keyboard into the Wii and use that in the Opera Browser (if you have the updated one). I'm not sure which USB keyboards are supported though.

spugmeistress said...

cheers for the tip david! i haven't got a usb keyboard (haven't even had a desktop puter in years) but definitely gonna ask around if anyone has one going spare :)