Monday, 16 February 2009


my stuff on show at UKDIY

UK DIY is a craft exhibition at the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh (up north!), and as of last Saturday, I'm in it! Alongside some other amazing stuff, all about science and craft, craftivism, technocraft, subversive stitching and art, recycled and upcycled craft and lots and lots of awesome knitting. One of my favourite things there were these amazing sculptures made from straws which I went home and tried to emulate with my newfound glue gun and Morrissons drinking straws but didn't quite manage to make anything half as beautiful. Either way, it was pretty cool to have some of my stuff on show on the wall next to such cool people :) The exhibition is on til the end of April so there's plenty of time to go along and have a look if you're in the area, it's free too! I've re-stocked the Etsy and Folksy shops just in case people get the urge to buy ;)

mario star pin
boo ghost pin
chunky heart pin
red super mushroom pin (also available in green)
pacman and ghost earrings
ms pacman and ghost earrings
victorious space invader necklace
shy space invader necklace
pacman ghost chase bracelet (also available with ms pacman)

and now to make up for shamelessly pimping my wares, here's a big up for someone else's stuff! there was so much cool knitting on show at the exhibition on saturday, that i think this awesome mario cushion would certainly have fitted right in :)

Pillow Back by Nonnie Mariella, on Flickr

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Deb said...

that cushion is super cool! dx.