Wednesday, 4 November 2009

game city round up: day 1

editing complete, work all done on time, out of office on, time to play! @gamecity

7:19 PM Oct 26th from Flickr

so here we go :) i enjoyed gamecity so much when i went 2 years ago that this year i thought it was worth taking a whole week off work and having the most awesome videogame-based holiday ever!

is *finally* on her way to nottingham for game city :) got up late n had to pack... probably shouldnt have been hama beading at 2am

2:13 PM Oct 27th from txt

tuesday wasn't immensely eventful so it wasn't too bad that i arrived late: the badge i made for the mystery @gamecity tweeter was well worth the last minute crafting.

Hotel is looooovely (esp. considering how cheap it is) but a slight lack of wifi. This may be an issue. Must go o2 shop n get phone online

5:40 PM Oct 27th from txt

hotel was lovely, highly recommended. o2 shop very helpful and got me back online with twitter the next day, yay! \o/ as it turned out, very much needed for the rest of the week...

had awesome fun times at the @gamecity launch do, hanging out with @marmaladegirl n drinking free champagne \o/ can't read twitter tho :(

9:57 PM Oct 27th from txt

so the highlight of gamecity:day 1 was the launch party, which i'm not entirely sure i was officially supposed to be there, but stumbled upon the ticket whilst browsing their eventbrite listings. free drink, free sushi (which i didn't eat, but *did* want to rearrange into space invader sprites as it looked all pixellated with the different types and colours squished in the boxes) and meeting up with random lovely people :) iain claimed the badge as the mystery tweeter who had been so helpful answering questions, and this is how lovely it looked with sparkles and giant origami spaceships from Elite which you can still go and download, print out n make for yourself! (see my efforts here)


is listening to last week's @onelifeleft in her hotel room, eatin a choc dip n playin paper picross :) who needs tv radio or internet? (me)

10:18 PM Oct 27th from txt

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