Thursday, 31 January 2008

robots, tentacles and pixel hearts

red robot, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

just a quickie! i finally got round to making some new stuff, did i mention before that i <3 diesel sweeties? much pixel love :)


any ideas on what to do with this maniac mansion picture? don't suppose anyone has a mother who looks like a green tentacle and is looking for a mother's day gift? (march 2nd everyone, not too far away!) it's probably the biggest thing i've done so far with my mini beads, lots of fun though :)

just listed a new heart pin just in time for valentine's day too (2 shopping weeks left!)

went to see explosions in the sky last night at the newly refurbished academy in manchester. well i *went* to see stars, but got there and found out it was actually explosions who were playing, and i'd got mixed up because stars is *tomorrow* night! doh :s they were awesome though, tis lovely to get lost in live music (as opposed to getting lost in somewhere you have been a million times but has disorientatingly changed round) sometimes, especially a nice bit of atmospheric post-rock. chords don't half have a strange power to make me smile for no reason. they were supported by eluvium, who was also very good, and who made a surprisingly immense amount of noise for just one guy, his guitar, a keyboard and a macbook. a lot less song based than explosions (which is saying something for a band who didn't pause for mid-song break once in the whole 90 minute gig) but more like a 5 second snippet of radiohead stretched out and layered upon layered for 45 minutes. considering people still make 'classical' music now (including a certain mr j. greenwood himself) what on earth are they going to call this stuff in years to come?


djchallis said...

:O Maniac Mansion!
Day of the Tentacle is one of my favourite games ever!

the noble emperor bish said...

ditto. maniac mansion was ace, but dott wins for prettiness, in my opinion, plus the fact that it includes a copy of mm in it.

cool beadypictureythingurme. i ended up here from a link from rebecca's facebook to your facebook to here. long time no chinwag. you well?

oh crap, its thom who went to 6th form with rebecca btw, not some COMPLETELY random stranger pretending to know you. fairly random, but not completely then. lots of envy for the fact that you went to see a gig i was desperate to see BY ACCIDENT, whereas i was being billynomatesandnomoney at home.