Saturday, 26 January 2008

moo two!

moo two!, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

gotta catch 'em all ;)

ok, i got these absolutely ages ok, but i only just got round to taking a photo (with my shiny new camera that i got for christmas!) so look, i have new moos!

i also found something funny on the packaging that you might not have spotted before - you'll have to check out my flickr for that ;)

i have tons of stuff i want to blog about, including new designs, my radiohead discbox, some biscuits i made... it will be more interesting than it sounds right now, i promise! work is a little crazy at the moment, but i will get round to doing some proper blogging soon, so watch this space :)


Jennifer Rose said...

These look great! Love the ghost one :D

Urbanknit said...

the images and cards look sooooo cool

spugmeistress said...

thanks :D