Wednesday, 2 December 2009

the best things ever

photo borrowed from angelsk's flickr
*before we start: the blue wig is there for a reason. we were on our way to a hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy party and i dressed up as a hooloovoo (i like to think being a hyperintelligent shade of blue quite befits my personality ;) )

best umbrella ever: by squid london

i do like smart textiles. so when i saw this
hydrochromic umbrella, i *had* to have it. the silhouettes start off white and change colour when they get rained on, kinda like those kids water painting things :) a couple of days after it arrived (in a package with butterfly print packing tape and some wallpaper samples by my *favourite* wallpaper designers - how did they know?!), technabob kindly pointed out that the umbrella owner can't actually see how awesomely colour changing it is when they are underneath it, but i don't care - at least everyone else gets to see and know that my umbrella is better than theirs :P it doesn't hurt that it has a london skyline on it either - manchester would have been nicer but at least it's not MK (not that MK really *has* a skyline...)

best watch ever: by nixon

i love my watch. it's not new - i've had it probably nearly 7 or 8 years and it's currently sporting a paperclip as a strap loop, but it's still the classiest watch i've seen. i'm pretty sure i was influenced towards the nixon rocker by its inclusion as a 'create a skater' option in one of the tony hawk's pro skater games (maybe 3 or 4?) but i can't for the life of me find out which one. even recreated in pixels it looked amazing, and then even more so when i realised dave grohl had one. cedric diggory sports something looking remarkably similar in the lake scene in harry potter: goblet of fire too, but i'll let him off ;)

best live band ever: muse

nothing more really needs to be said. but i will anyway ;) as much as i love radiohead to bits and they are probably my favourite band of all time, muse don't half kick their ass. went to see them for the 7(?)th time at the 02 in London a few weeks ago, and they rocked so hard that i almost don't care that i never got to see queen live. utterly ridiculous, utterly sublime and i've already bought tickets to see them again next september at wembley. cannot wait :)

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