Monday, 14 July 2008

dnner dnner dnner dnner batgirl!

for daisy (aka batgirl), originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

i haven't made any new hama bead things in aaaaages but daisy's birthday was a special occasion and gave me good excuse to unpack the craft stuff :) me and daisy both have excellent taste in comics!

me, her, izzy and jo had a very girly weekend in, well to the extent that geeks can be girly anyway - it basically just means we were playing singstar and wii fit instead of halo :P speaking of wii fit - i'm doing pretty well on it now, my wii fit age is consistently lower than my real one, and it's actually working at making me fitter! i was slightly disturbed by my (male) yoga trainer (the girl is annoying) having the worlds tinyest ponytail, but on daisy's game it wasn't there! jo didn't even believe me! when i got home, my trainer had longer hair and no ponytail either, but it was back today... i haven't figured out if the trainer changes (but keeps the same voice) or whether he just likes having his hair up some days and not others...

tested out a bit of brawl too which was fun, mario kart wii which is haaaaaard to get the hang of, and played an awesome zombie board game called last night on earth too.

we are also all slightly obsessed with animal crossing, so the DSs came out on sunday :D daisy had lost her village like I did with mine a while ago, so I could feel her pain, but we helped make her a new one and brought her spare things for her house, and everyone came round and brought fruit to Tallaght to start my new orchard, and helped me with the last bit of the weeding, but the big news in Animal Crossing land came when we went to visit izzy's village, sunidale. izzy is slightly more careful with her games, and thus still has a well established village and didn't need much help, so i had a wander and met her villagers. After a bird called Robin introduced himself to me with a squee, I began to get deja vu. It turned out Robin was one of my long-lost villagers from Aceville! I hadn't the heart to do a Zaphod Beeblebox and tell him his home town was destroyed, never to be seen or returned to again. What broke my heart is that he didn't even recognise me - with a new face and hailing from a new village, why would he? I don't know how the Doctor does it....

ace weekend though, lots of gaming, good food and fun times :D

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Daisy said...

W00t, I'm famous!

Glad you had a good time, I really loved having you round - the time just disappeared!!!

And thank you sooooooooooooo much or the necklace card!!!!! ^_^