Wednesday, 7 November 2007


hama crazy, originally uploaded by spugmeistress.

just to prove i haven't been slacking ;) a whole stack of mini hama beaded goodness waiting to be ironed - if you look hard you might be able to spot some new stuff in progress!

also, yay! because i finally got my wii set up and working for the first time in my new place and on my new (but very old, and very small) telly. the silly thing didn't have a remote so i had to go and buy one of those universal thingies to tune it in. but it's all working now which is good cos i just bought wind waker from cex - cheaper than phantom hourglass (waiting patiently for christmas) and i never managed to finish it as i bought it for my (now ex-) boyfriend who then ran off with the save file. so yay, a whole new lease of life for all my old gamecube games - smash bros was the first one in, and donkey konga will be getting an outing soon too :D now i just need to find my memory card :s

the other yay! i got it working! is for my new printer - which i got for absolutely nothing off a lovely person from the manchester branch of freecycle :) it's ace, instead of throwing stuff away, people just give stuff to people who don't mind coming to pick it up and take it off their hands! recycling and getting stuff for free is all good in my book. good timing too as i hope to have some zines ready for the craft mafia market in december...

65daysofstatic tomorrow night! woo!

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